Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Illinois prison killing...something very wrong here

First time prison inmate Joshua was transferred to a maximum security prison after he tested positive for cocaine. Daczewitz was considered a low-security inmate who was assigned to share a call with Corey Fox, a convicted killer, gang member, and white supremacist.

Christopher Fleming was on duty the morning Daczewitz was killed.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"It's our job to see he ... doesn't escape," Fleming said in his deposition. "As long as they're in the cell ... that's our job."

On the morning of the murder, Daczewitz spent almost three hours "kicking and beating on the cell door, crying, begging, pleading to be taken out," Fox wrote the Tribune. "Each officer that passed by ignored him or walked off the gallery laughing, as if it were all a joke."

Fed up with the inaction, Fox said he jumped off the top bunk and punched Daczewitz in the mouth, knocking him to the floor, according to the records.

Before Daczewitz could rise, Fox pulled Dazcewitz's head back by the hair and strangled him.

"As long as they're in the cell ... that's our job."


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