Saturday, April 18, 2009

SEIU wants Bank of America CEO fired

As I told you yesterday...expect more posts about SEIU, a group Pat Hickey calls "ACORN with an advanced degree."

My headline is not misleading. And don't laugh, the Boston Business Journal says SEIU called for the dismissal of General Motors Chairman Rick Waggoner--and we know what happened to him.

First GM, then Bank of America?

The Service Employees International Union, an organization with more than 2 million members, and Change To Win Investment Group, a union pension fund that owns BofA shares, are making the BofA effort a top priority for the next two weeks. Union reps will appear on TV news shows and produce YouTube videos, circulate "fact sheets" on the bank, host petitions and protests outside bank offices and offer to make disgruntled BofA employees available to reporters to push their message.

And that message?

SEIU is collecting thousands of "taxpayer proxies" that call for BofA CEO and Chairman Kenneth Lewis to be fired. Organizers plan to deliver them to BofA headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., on April 29 before the bank's annual meeting that day. BofA is the largest bank in Massachusetts, ranked by deposits.

"Taxpayers are now the biggest shareholders in the bank," says SEIU executive Stephen Lerner, referring to the $45 billion in government capital on BofA' books. "Every taxpayer should have the opportunity to vote."

Why is SEIU picking a fight with America's largest bank?

Believe it or not, it involves the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, better known as card check, an issue that BofA has not taken a position on.

However, because of its high-profile, the bank is a fat target for the radical union--bankers are not exactly popular these days. Who better to single out than the Bank of America as SEIU seeks to advance class warfare...oops, I mean "leveling the playing field."

It doesn't stop there. SEIU envisions dues-paying unionized bank teller filling its treasury--which will allow it to further advance its expanding agenda. There are no unionized banks.

Speaking of money, SEIU hasn't disclosed how much its spending on this campaign.

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pathickey said...

Andy Stern is an Ivy League Leftist (U PENN –social work) and a sophisticated manipulator of the media. I doubt very much if Andy, or most ‘labor activists’ of SEIU would know the business end of a broom, shovel, or wheelbarrow. I’ll bet Andy hires a plumber (card checks him I hope) to toss-in a new sump pump. He can quote Fanon, Che, and Hosea Hudson and knows how to get on Bill Maher and Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Primarily Andy Stern plots and launches take-overs of low skill and no skill unions.
The absolute best way to amass power for Andy Stern is the complete elimination of skill building altogether. Eliminate the means of producing a skilled work force and Andy Stern and SEIU gets more millions of hopelessly unskilled SEIU members. Kill School Reform and once that is accomplished destroy the control of the Skilled Trades Unions over Apprenticeship Programs. Power is amassed and the masses are the power.