Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop the Employee FORCED Choice Act

Steel, auto, airlines... Lost jobs, union bosses… It could get worse...

As I've mentioned many times before, until the final days of the Soviet Union, the type of elections Mrs. Marathon Pundit took part in did not utilize secret ballots.

There was one candidate, too.

Unions bosses and their Democratic enablers want to have similar elections, by using "card check," a petition system.

The Democrats have been trying to push their Orwellian-named "Employee Free Choice Act" out of Congress for a couple of years. President-elect Obama supports card check, and if the Democrats get their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, card check could be the law.

The Employee Freedom Action Committee has a commercial explaining what card check means.

H/T to Ocean State Republican.

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pathickey said...

This ACT will be the death of American Trades Unions. Sold as an organizing tool by the architects of SEIU, EFCA will lead to 'activist pressure' to make Illinois and other BAC ( Bureau Apprenticeship Council States) which are skills standards g9overned programs funded and perated by Trades Unions to SAC ( State Apprenticeship Councils run by the Emil Jones's of each state.

Anonymous said...

"Orwellian-named "Employee Free Choice Act" out of Congress for a couple of years."

That's rich. After 8 years of Republicans that gave us institutions like the "Department of Homeland Security" no one has the right to talk about Orwellian in relation to the Democrats.

We've be living in "1984" for the last 8 Bush years.

Anonymous said...

So they increase the price of everything you buy by 25%+ and put hundreds of businesses out of business. Glad I got out of business, now I don't have to find out how to move it to Mexico. If you own any business that can be relocated, relocate now. The union bosses will only learn when the hangman drops the door.
Six years of a booming economy and virtually no unemployment send down the dumper by the democrats in congress in two years. No attacks for 7 years, batten down the hatches and build the bomb shelters, the democrats will assist the terrorists in dozens of major attacks in the U.S. per year.
I no longer wonder why people were buying (yesterday) shopping baskets full of Ammo as fast as the clerks could wheel it out of the warehouse. 50% of the people in the country (Hussein voters) are insane and normal people know the only way to stop an insane person is to kill them.