Sunday, August 31, 2008

Next stop: St. Paul and the Republican National Convention

I met her accidentally in St. Paul, Minnesota.
And it tore me up every time I heard her drawl, Southern drawl.
Then I heard my dream was back Downstream cavortin' in Davenport,
And I followed you, Big River, when you called.

Johnny Cash, "Big River," 1964.

And it was at the big river, in the land of southern drawls, Natchez, Mississippi to be exact, where I applied for my media credentials for this week's Republican National Convention.

And I'll see that river in a few hours, after thundering my way across Wisconsin to reach the Twin Cities.

I'll also hook up again with Highway 61, the famous road originates in Minnesota.

This week will be the highlight of my blogging career, and I expect that I'll place it highly mong the other achievements in my life.

The Big River is calling. St. Paul is calling.

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