Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin: Corruption fighter, Obama: corruption tolerator

The Barack Obama campaign has the audacity to criticize John McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

"Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency" is how Obama spokesman Bill Burton phrased it. Palin is the Governor of Alaska: Of the four top-of-the-ticket candidates, only Palin has executive experience.

Alaska, corruption wise, is a second-tier state. The top states, the most corrupt ones, include Louisiana, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and of course, Illinois.

Palin has doggedly fought Alaska corruption, even though much of it has emerged from her own party. Barack Obama has not only tolerated graft in his own state, he has fed off of it. His first political sponsor was since-convicted felon Antoin "Tony" Rezko. Obama never denounced John and Todd Stroger, the former supplied votes for Obama, the latter initiated Cook County's "corruption tax."

In 2005, Obama worked up the courage to criticize corruption within the administration of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, but backed off of it an hour later. Obama must have gotten a phone call from the fifth floor of Chicago's City Hall.

The best knock the Cult of Change will be able to use against Palin is "Troopergate." Palin fired (Hey, that's what executives do!) Alaska's public safety commissioner. But there are allegations Palin did that because the commissioner refused to dismiss her former brother-in-law, a state trooper.

The Alaska legislature is investigating the charges, but Palin says, "Hold me accountable."

That's the standard great executives hold themselves to.

Palin recently confronted two powerful Alaska congressmen, Rep. Don Young and recently-indicted Sen. Ted Stevens, asking them why they are the target of federal investigations. Both men are Republicans. Her first victory in her path to becoming governor was defeating incumbent Frank Murkowski in the 2006 Republican Primary. Murkowski has faced charges of corruption.

Has Obama publicly taken the same approach with the governor of his state, Rod Blagojevich? No. "Blago" is a Democrat and is under federal investigation. Obama's friend Tony Rezko was at Blago's side during the early years of his tainted administration.

Palin has fought Alaska corruption. Obama has done nothing to fight Illinois corruption. Nothing.

Monday night, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. declared in a speech at the Democratic National Convention that "Illinois is America."

I live in Illinois, and thankfully, it is not America.

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John, I don't think you understand. If Obama's reps say "Illinois is America," then it is. You had better get with the program. I'm sure you remember the famous line from "Cool Hand Luke."

Mylegacy said...

Will everyone PLEASE lay off Palin. She’s a sweet kid, a great point guard and can make baby formula is 5 seconds with her eyes closed while shooting a moose with her baby pink AK47. She’s a great gal, who might not even get arrested in her “Troopergate,” “abuse of power,” ethics problem. In addition, the “city” er “town” er “whatever” it was she was the “Mayor” of should eventually be out from under the $20,000,000.00 debt she left them holding. Hey, what's $3,000.00 debt for every man, woman and child - by Republican standards - it’s practically a gift!
She is so far outside the mainstream that her abilities and or the lack of them, is just not an issue. She’s a Creationist, anti-choice dinosaur EVEN in the cases of rape, incest and when the mother could die! In fact she’s against birth control - even against condom use by married couples.
The ONLY issue about her is, “How on earth could 4 time cancer survivor John McCain have so little judgment as to think, even for a split second, that this woman was qualified to be a heartbeat away from being AMERICA’S President.
John - you’re not a “Maverick” you’re a “Buffoon.”

Greybeard said...

From what I read, legacy, this was a bond issue and like all such things, will be amortized over time.
The money was used to build things for the children.
Surely you want the children to have nice things, don't you?!!

(This is a non-issue.)

And let's see how "troopergate" plays out.

This nomination really frightens you, doesn't it?

Rob_N said...

Funny... it was just a week ago that Mr. Ruberry and other conservative partisans had the audacity to not point out Sen. Biden's lack of foreign or domestiv policy experience (he has plenty of both) but to smear him with ad hominems.

As for corruption, it appears Gov. Palin has simply tried replacing one brand of Republican corruption with another. In fact, she's learned from some pros after running a 527 dedicated to helping out Sen. Ted "A Viking Grill For Every Senior Senator from Alaska" Stevens.

As mayor she fired her library director and fire chief under what appear to be the exact same circumstances Mr. Ruberry and others correctly take Mayor Daley and Pres. Todd Stroger to task -- rank partisan political firings.

Grey is right, Troopergate will play itself out but the tapes surfacing indicate the pressure on the chief of the state troopers came straight from her guv's office. And firing him would be in keeping with the pattern she established as a small-town mayor.

There's a reason the old guard in Alaska calls itself "The Corrupt Bastards Club" (you can look that one up).

PS: It's easy to see why Sen. McCain like her. She flip-flops on pork spending with the best of 'em -- being for the Bridge to Nowhere and all those Federal pork dollars before she was suddenly against it 72 hours ago.

And while she's all for Mr. Ruberry's favorite energy plan ("drill more of the same, hope for a different result"), she wants to drill in ANWR and build a new pipe through Canada. Her fellow Alaskans don't like the idea of giving those jobs to the Maple Leafs when the pipeline could be built along Alaska's coast instead.

Grey, no one's frightened of Gov. Palin, not when McCain so clearly forgot to vet her background.

Keep in mind: she is the result of the most important decision he'll have to make before being elected (should he be elected...).

Greybeard said...

Thanks Rob.
You came here and took the time to write a novella on the subject.
That says tons more than your words.

Rob_N said...

Considering the drip, drip, drip of negatives flowing out thanks to Palin's "non-vetting" there'll likely be much more to write in coming days. (Look up "Alaska Independent Party" some time.)

The only question is how far is too far for even partisans as dyed in the wool as Mr. Ruberry to keep saying "it's ok if you're a Republican."

You may not like hearing the truth Grey, but it speaks volumes too.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know just HOW Palin has become seen as this poster child for defeating corruption. Until the other day, she had an endorsement ad for Ted Stevens on her website. She was director of the Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc. until 2005. That is NOT defeating corruption. That is ENDORSING IT. And this bridge to nowhere? She fought for it while she was campaigning!!! She only changed her mind once there was so much opposition to it. I find you whole line of argument very misleading and WRONG.

NavyVet4Obama said...

The Republicans are such hypocrits! Facts are facts, she can not manage her family and for a "family values" candidate, she is weak. Let's stop with all the small stuff and get to the big picture. America is hurting, we have had 8 years of an administration that has ran a muck. With all his "maverick" credentials, McCain never once tried to stop Bush and Cheney when they were overting the constitution. We need a change! Vote Obama/Biden!!!!!!!!!

NavyVet4Obama said...

Also, to the original poster, Illinois will go for Obama by atleast 15 points. So it must suck knowing your vote won't matter!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Navyvetforobama says "Illinois" will go for Obama by 15 points"

He's right. Obama's friends in the left wing ACORN(known for voter fraud) will ensure it!

Blue! said...

It has now been confirmed that Palin abused her power and broke several Alaska state laws. Still think she is a "Maverick" and a "corruption fighter"????

LOL how does that foot taste?