Monday, May 29, 2023

Ex-con Chicago "peacekeeper" held without bail after being charged with beating and robbing man

Memorial Day weekend is a particularly violent time in Chicago, a violent city.

But don't worry! Peacekeepers with yellow vests, including some dispatched by Gov JB Pritzker, are on the streets, pacifying the city.

But one peacekeeper is a problem.

Well, no one is saying if this guy is part of Pritzker's patrol, but there is one less peacekeeper making Chicago safe. 

From the New York Post:
An ex-con wearing a “peacekeepers” vest took part in the vicious beating and robbery of a Chicago motorist over the Memorial Day weekend, according to authorities and reports.
Oscar Montes, 31, had on one of the special yellow neon vests — worn by a city-appointed group of “peacekeepers” meant to help suppress violence over the historically violent stretch — when the crime occurred Friday, outlets said.
As of Monday morning, 44 people were shot — nine fatally — in Chicago since the start of the Memorial Day weekend Friday.
Cops said Montes was part of a mob of nearly 10 people who yanked a driver out of his car before battering and robbing him.
Who did the background check on Montes? 

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