Tuesday, May 30, 2023

10 killed and at least 40 others wounded over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, woman fatally stabbed in alley near mayor's home, peacekeeper arrested

Earlier this month, a one-time defund the police advocate, Brandon Johnson, was sworn in as Chicago's mayor. His runoff elector opponent, Paul Vallas, favored a traditional law-and-order approach to fighting crime. Johnson backs a holistic approach. 

Last year over Memorial Day weekend, nine people were shot to death and 41 others were wounded. This year the Memorial Day weekend numbers are about the same: ten people shot to death and at least 40 others were wounded

One of those holistic crimefighting efforts is the use of yellow-shirted "peacekeepers" to deescalate violence. I immediately made a mental note that they will fail, but I was taken off guard when I heard that a peacekeeper, Oscar Montes, was arrested Friday night on the Southwest Side. He's accused of participating in a beating and a robbery and Montes is being held without bail. Allegedly, Montes was wearing his peacekeeper shirt during the assault. 

Montes is an ex-con. 

Brandon Johnson lives in Austin, a high-crime area on Chicago's West Side. On Saturday, the body of a woman who was fatally stabbed was found in an alley just blocks away from the mayor's home. The accused killer, a 64-year-old man, was arrested on the 5700 block of West Superior Street, the same block where Johnson lives.

UPDATE 8:45am: ABC Chicago is now reporting that 43 people were wounded over the weekend.

UPDATE 9:00am: CWB Chicago has a story on a former Obama administration official who on Twitter, dismissed Montes--who was on parole--saying that the ex-con "mishandled the stress" of being a peacekeeper.

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