Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Photos from Kenosha on the day Trump visited that you won't see in the mainstream media

One week after the worst of the rioting in Kenosha took place President Trump visited this Wisconsin city which is roughly half-way between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Here's just one picture that you won't see in the mainstream media. A woman of color with a Keep America Great Hat holding a "Thank you Trump" sign near the federal court house off of Sheridan Road, the scene of the worst rioting last week.

Trump 2020, No More Bullshit. That's all the profanity that I encountered from the Patriots' side today. The F-Bombs, the screaming, and the annoying chant from portable sound systems all came from the leftists.

I exited I-41/94 at 52nd Street. And what was I forced to drive behind? This MoveOn.org truck that reads "Reject Trump's violence." Huh? Joe Biden, in a rare public appearance Monday in Pennsylvania yesterday blamed the mayhem taking place in big cities, all with Democratic mayors, on the president. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not Trump supporters. The only reason they're not 100-percent behind Biden is that most of Antifa are Bernie Bros.

Now take a look at this picture. That MoveOn.org van decided to park on the site of an automobile dealership that saw nearly it's entire inventory destroyed by arsonists.

This is not Trump's violence. It's the Democrats' violence.

Not a single Democrat has denounced Antifa unconditionally. None.

That's the roof of the car dealership. The signs read, "Where is our justice?

"What did our community do to deserve this?"

"Help needed! GoFundMe.com CarSource in Kenosha. God bless!"

Click here to contribute to CarSource's GoFundMe campaign.

"Trump saved Kenosha. Mr. President thank you."

I arrived around 11am. At that time most of the folks gathered on Sheridan Road were Trump backers. Then BLM showed up. The guy with the green hair and the woman in the mask were particularly rude.

The most powerful and dangerous fascists in America is Antifa. Nothing comes close. Do you hear that Democrats?

A few folks were selling BLM t-shirts. These Black Lives Matters shirts here, which read "Kenosha on fire," are in particular bad taste because as you've seen there was arson during the Kenosha riots.

Mangia Wine Bar closed this winter. But that doesn't make it okay to torch it. Oh, as I wrote in my Sunday Kenosha post, the artwork is part of a grass roots post-riot beautification project.

That's part of President Trump's motorcade on Sheridan Road.

As I also mentioned in that Sunday Kenosha post, black-owned businesses during the 1967 Detroit riots painted "Soul Brother" on their storefronts. This one chose to declare it's a "Black owned business." But did this establishment get looted anyway?

I'm sorry my liberal friends. The truth hurts. I didn't see any conservatives crudely protest against Barack Obama in such a way. That sign reads, "Dump Trump, flush the turd November 3rd."

Oh, very few of the Trump supporters, including myself, wore masks. Most of the leftists did.

Antifa is a fascist group that calls itself an anarchist organization. Pictured here is the anarchist flag.

This woman for Trump believes "Small government equals freedom."

So do I.

Two supporters of the president being interviewed by a reporter. I was most of the Chicago and Milwaukee media there, as well as AP, and reporters from Poland, Great Britain, and Russia.

How bad was the looting in Kenosha? Even the dollar stores got hit.

I shot some video but not only am I having issues uploading it. I'm in need of a decent and easy to use video software. And cheap. I only take videos occasionally.

Any suggestions?

Buh-bye for now from Kenosha!

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directorblue said...

Great post... that's some real reporting right there.

License that out to the nitwits in DC.

Marathon Pundit said...

Thanks. But it's the truth so the Swamp won't be interested in it.

The Mad Hatter said...

For my video work, I use Davinci Resolve. Freeware.