Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kenosha post-riot photos

This afternoon Mrs. Marathon Pundit took the short drive up from Marathon Pundit world headquarters up to Kenosha. Riots and looting hit the city last Sunday after Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man with a criminal record, was shot seven times by police.

Every business in downtown Kenosha was boarded up. All of them. Sure, the rioters and looters might have overlooked a place; or two and the retailers or the owner of the buildings that weren't hit might have been boarded up since for protection. Nevertheless they are all boarded up.

Detroit never recovered from the riots of 1967. Black-owned businesses painted "Soul Brother" on their front windows during that upheaval. This Kenosha black-owned business is pursuing the same strategy.

This sign reads, "This is a family-owned business. Pleas protect the people in our community." Hmm. So it's acceptable to loot and vandalize a corporate-owned businesses according to this sign's logic?

The clean-up of Kenosha, according to local activists, is underway. Which consists of looted businesses having their newly-installed plywood facades painted with feel-good messages such as "Humanity is my religion." I'll get to religion in a bit. But look at the orange message, "Kids live upstairs." The meaning is burn and loot someplace else. The victims are negotiating with the criminals. By the way there was arson during last week's riots. That's next.

On Sheridan Road a car dealership was struck by arsonists who probably brought more gasoline with them than Dwight Eisenhower needed for the D-Day invasion. No, these vehicles were not destroyed by a nuclear blast. The rust, if that's what it is, was not on these cars a week ago. The glass on from these cars melted. Yes melted. The tires are now cinders. To those people who called the Kenosha Riot a spontaneous outburst need to visit Sheridan Road. Who carries around enough gasoline to destroy more than 100 cars?

Yes the glass melted on this hatchback.

There's a steeple in the background. I said I'd get to religion, right? The steeple belongs to Christ the King Church.

"Nobody steps on a church in my town," Bill Murray screamed in Ghostbusters. But are churches vandalized in Kenosha? That appears to be the situation at Christ the King.

Really now. Do you think the pastor of this church decided to place plywood so high to protect this church? Or was it vandalized? I'll bet on the latter.

The heart sign in front of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church reads "We believe black lives matter." But the windows on the side of the house of worship are boarded up.

Law offices of BLM?

That's not the federal court house in Portland. That's the one in Kenosha. This federal house of law is barricaded and protected by troops. Sad.

Dontcha just love the vintage Rexall Drugs sign? I do!

It wasn't just downtown Kenosha that was plagued with looting. We entered Kenosha from Illinois by way of Green Bay Road. The stores and malls in western Kenosha were hit hard too.

One more car dealership arson pic for you.

On Tuesday President Trump will visit law enforcement officials in Kenosha. Wisconsin's Democratic governor, Tony Evers, doesn't want him to come.

Evers responded with anemic assistance as Kenosha burned last week.


Unknown said...

Seriously well past time to rein in the animals

Crunchy Granola Life said...

I am SICK of the spin surrounding the President 's visit! Thank you for coming to our community President Trump! MAGA2020