Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Michiganders at state capitol protest declare "government is non-essential"

Michigan on the left
While I take coronavirus seriously we don't want to, metaphorically speaking, kill the patient with the treatment. I am of course speaking of our economy and yes, about our society.

From the Detroit News:
As Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asks residents to limit non-essential trips outside their homes, protesters gathered Tuesday in front of the Capitol to demonstrate against what they see as government overreach amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicholas Somberg, an attorney from Bloomfield Hills, held a tape measure in one of his hands during the event. It was set to six feet, the current social distancing recommendation of state and federal health officials.

In Somberg's other hand, he held a sign that read, "Government is non-essential."

"What they're doing is not actually solving the issue but it's training people that the government can tell you to stay in your house or else," Somberg said. "It would be a good thing if they asked nicely or suggested it."
The organizer of the Lansing protest was Michigan United for Liberty

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