Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Chicago Public Schools drops Columbus Day for Indigenous People's Day

Columbus Park, Chicago
Chicago Public Schools, that jobs program for people with education degrees and the politically connected, just dropped Columbus Day for Indigenous People's Day.

Chicago is hemorrhaging population--one of the main drivers of that exodus are the atrocious CPS schools.

But at least some leftists feel better now.

From NBC Chicago:
Thanks to a decision reached at the Chicago Board of Education meeting Wednesday, students and faculty will now observe the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day rather than as Columbus Day.

Until now, Chicago Public Schools had celebrated both holidays, but Wednesday;s decision means that only Indigenous People’s Day will be celebrated.

"I think it’s great, changing the name of the holiday. That's what (the celebration) is really all about," Chicago charter school teacher Erin Walker said.

The change marks a significant change in a city that celebrates Christopher Columbus in a variety of ways. From the annual October parade that celebrates Italian heritage to a six-lane street that runs through the heart of downtown Chicago, the city celebrates the explorer in a variety of ways.
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