Thursday, August 22, 2019

Chicago's $6K solar powered trash compactors don't work

Leftist ideology and practicality are exclusive principles.

The latest proof are Chicago's solar powered trash cans.

From CBS Chicago:
On many streets downtown, the city has installed $6,000 solar-powered self-compacting garbage bins. However, many are broken, leaking and overflowing with trash.

[Concerned citizen Susan] Romano took CBS 2 on a trash-talking tour of what she’s documented: handles that don't work properly, bins constantly covered in filth, and recycling compartments that are not locked, allowing people to pull out trash and leave it on the sidewalk.

Romano said the garbage is impacting more than the bins.

"I notice that they pull out the inside container, and they drag it," she said. "What it does is it leaks all over the sidewalk, so all of that garbage is leaked all over."
Chicago purchased 400 of these things for $2.5 million in 2011. America's third-largest city is essentially bankrupt because of unsustainable pension debt and unwise spending.

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