Thursday, April 11, 2019

Onetime Democratic hero Avenatti charged again in sweeping indictment

Because he represented porn actress and stripper Stormy Daniels in her suit with Donald Trump, Michael Avenatti was viewed as a hero by Democrats. There was even talk of a presidential run.

But Avenatti has different priorities now.

From the Daily Mail:
Michael Avenatti has been hit with a 36-count federal indictment in the latest addition to his fast-growing mountain of legal problems.

The new charges were brought on Thursday by federal prosecutors in Los Angeles and make the prospect of Avenatti spending the rest of his life in prison a more realistic one.

They allege tax evasion, perjury and stealing from clients and carry a maximum prison sentence of 335 years.

According to the grand jury indictment, Avenatti stole millions of dollars from five clients, used shell companies to cover up theft and owed millions in tax dollars.

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