Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Foxx text on Smollett: "… Just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should”

When you are a prosecutor your job is to prosecute lawbreakers.

From Fox Chicago:
Documents released Tuesday night show the behind-the-scenes communication between Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx and her staff during the fallout of the Jussie Smollett case.

Thousands of emails and hundreds of texts were released to the media via an open records request.

Foxx compared Smollett’s case to her office's pending indictments against R&B singer R. Kelly in text messages to Joseph Magats, her top assistant, on March 8.

"Pedophile with 4 victims 10 counts. Washed up celeb who lied to cops, 16 (counts)," she wrote. "… Just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should."
Chicago is a cash-strapped city and it's essentially bankrupt because of unfunded pension obligations. Chicago is suing Smollett for the $130,000 it spent to find "attackers" in the hoax case.

Foxx needs to resign. She clearly doesn't have the mindset to perform her duties.

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