Thursday, March 07, 2019

Insiders blame new broadcast night, not gender switch, for Doctor Who ratings drop

When you mix politics with entertainment, you risk angering your audience, and in television, where many viewers have thousands of choices available from their remote, such a move can be dangerous.

Yes, I was a fan and regular viewer of Doctor Who. But when a so-so actress, Jodi Whittaker, was hired to become the next Doctor--after five decades of having a male portraying what everyone knew was a male character, I tuned out.

Why couldn't the BBC produce a new series with a female Time Lord instead?

Well, as I expected, ratings are in the toilet, at least in Great Britain, for the Whittaker Who run.

But the "woke" can never admit they are wrong. And indeed the left is wrong a lot

From the Mirror in January:
BBC bosses are planning on moving the show to its original evening slot after a steady ratings slide during Jodie ­Whittaker’s debut series.

The Sunday run kicked off with 8.2 million viewers in October but had slipped to 5.2 million for the last episode in December.

An insider revealed: “There is a feeling families are freer to watch on Saturdays than Sundays, when kids have homework to finish.

"While the show rated well overall, there were concerns over the decline in audience."
You got that? Let me repeat that last sentence from the Mirror. "While the show rated well overall, there were concerns over the decline in audience."That insider is clueless and this story reminds me of what the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto calls "the Butterfield effect."

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