Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Four leftist members of Congress question Chicago Bears on new NFL anthem policy

It's leftist members of Congress vs. the Monsters of the Midway over the new NFL national anthem policy.

The Democrats wonder why they keep losing elections. Sure, they do better in Illinois, because of gerrymandering engineered by party boss Michael Madigan, but here's another case where leftists side with those holding a view that is despised by the majority.

And while I also hold the First Amendment dear, it does not offer blanket protection in regards to private employers.

Left out of every news report on this letter--see below--on this dopey letter to the Bears that I could find is that the majority owner of the Chicago Bears, Virginia McCaskey, supported conservative gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives over Republican-in-name-only Bruce Rauner in this spring's primary.

The left takes names and it remembers.

From SB Nation:
In a letter to Chicago Bears ownership, Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL) calls for Virginia McCaskey, principle [SB Nation means "principal"} owner of the franchise, to give more clarity on how the team plans to enforce the NFL’s new anthem policy. She is the first member of Congress to ask for transparency from a team regarding the new rules.

According to a draft of the letter obtained by SB Nation, Kelly wants to know how Bears ownership voted on the policy, how they intend to enforce it, and what the team’s overall policy is on free speech, noting that teams around the league play in stadiums that are largely paid for with public funding.

“Given the investment of taxpayer dollars, the NFL and its team should be held to the highest possible public standard, especially when it comes to protecting and defending the First Amendment rights on players, employees, and fans,” Kelly states in the letter.

She mentions that the Bears’ roster is 68 percent black, that the NFL is 70 percent black, and that the team receives a large amount of support from communities of color.
But Kelly fails to mention that Bears fans hate when players refuse to stand for the anthem--or purposely ignore it. In the Bears only quality win of 2017, Bears fans booed the Pittsburgh Steelers when they entered the field after the anthem was played. "Da Bears," all standing, were on the playing field.

Also signing the letter were three other left-wing members of the Illinois congressional delegation, Danny K. Davis, Bobby Rush, and Jan Schakowsky. The latter nominally represents me in Congress. Schakowsky's husband, felon Robert Creamer, used thugs to shut down a Chicago Donald Trump rally in 2016.

Where does Schakowsky really stand on free speech?

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