Wednesday, June 06, 2018

(Video) Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Illinois. And yes, Chicago is on the list.

The World According to Briggs gives us the top 10 reasons not to move to Illinois. He hits the obvious buttons, crime, corruption, and of course taxes, but adds one that I've noted a few times--terribly-maintained roads.

But while Briggs rightfully condemns political malfeasance, he leaves out mentioning Speaker for Life Michael Madigan (D-Chicago). He's a one man wrecking machine.

But there's an upside. "Illinois is a great state with really, really good people," adding "their biggest problem is the people running it and Chicago."

Madigan, who is also the longtime chairman of the Democratic Party, has been misruling Illinois for over 30 years, and as you know, he's from Chicago.

To be fair, Briggs has similar videos about other states.

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