Thursday, May 24, 2018

Another reason why people don't read newspapers: Leftist Chicago Trib columnist rails against new NFL anthem rule, doesn't mention fans oppose kneeling

Yesterday, nearly two years later than it should have, the NFL mandated that all of its players must stand--or remain in the locker room--when Our National Anthem is played.

Meanwhile, Chicago Tribune sports columnist David Haugh offers another reason why newspapers are failing--with most exppcted to fold, according to Warren Bufffet. In a politically-drenched column decrying the move, Haugh left out one key fact about players sitting down or taking a knee when the anthem plays: fans hate it.

Last season, before the Chicago Bears' only quality win of their dreadful 2017 campaign, fans booed when the opposing Pittsburgh Steelers entered the stadium after the Star Spangled Banner was performed. The Steelers were too good for the anthem.

NFL TV ratings suffered last season too.

Businesses that insult their customers don't survive.

Businesses that don't listen to their customers, such as newspapers, go under.

Watch this 2017 PragerU video to receive a much needed dose of common sense.

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