Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mark Dice: Liberals New Plan to Stop Trump

In this Mark Dice video, the patriot rightfully skewers the psychiatrists, including wild-eyed Dr. Bandy Lee of Yale University, who are diagnosing President Donald Trump without examining him or even reviewing his medical records, which is a violation of American Psychiatric Association guidelines.

By the way, Manny Alvarez of Fox News has this to say about such malpractice.
Not only is it unethical to render a professional medical opinion based on casual observation, it undermines the entire diagnostic process and further stigmatizes mental illness.
Can you imagine the uproar from the mainstream media if a shrink had made the irresponsible diagnosis on Barack Obama?

Leave it to Alan Dershowitz, again, to defend Trump. The liberal points out that the Soviet Union and South Africa to lock up regime opponents with similar psychiatric judgements.

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