Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Leftist Detroit school board member wants to rename Benjamin Carson High School

Abandoned DPS school
While I'm not a fan of naming schools, parks, roads, and the like after living people--after all, the dirt, if there is any, comes out after their deaths, I'm against the efforts by LaMar Lemmons, a member of the Detroit Board of Education, to rename Dr. Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine.

The Detroit native and retired neurosurgeon, and current Housing and Urban Development secretary for President Trump, is a product of Detroit Public Schools. While Ben Carson's tenure at HUD is getting poor reviews so far from the left and the right, that's not why Lemmons wants Carson's name stripped from the high school. It's because Carson is a conservative.

That's how the left rolls.

From the Detroit News:
“[Carson] is a so-called conservative Republican. A strict constructionist is one that wants to take the Constitution literally. If one takes that as a stance, it would allow the enslavement of those of African descent. When you align yourself with Trump that is a direct affront to the city of Detroit and the students of Detroit,” Lemmons said.
Lemmons is a sour idiot. I have a quick education for him. Slavery of course existed in the United States for nearly 100 years, it is not directly mentioned in the Constitution until the 13th Amendment, which abolished the abhorrent practice. And this goof is one of the people in charge of educating Detroit's children.

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