Monday, January 22, 2018

Chiraq: 6 killed and at least 22 wounded over weekend

Halsted Street in West Pullman
Mild weather this weekend fueled hot tempers in Chicago. Six people were shot to death and at least 22 others were wounded.

Two men were murdered near Belmont and Central on the Northwest Side in a drive-by shooting. On the Southwest Side, a man was found dead in the driver's seat of a Chrysler in West Lawn.

The other shootings happened on the South Side. One in South Shore, one at a bus stop in Englewood and the last one was a man shot multiple times while driving on Halsted Street in West Pullman.

Among those wounded, four where shot in drive-by outside a birthday party in Humboldt Park, and a woman and five-year-old girl were shot by someone in another car in Belmont-Cragin--all on the Northwest Side. And in Englewood on the South Side a man was grazed by a bullet while riding on a CTA train.

Your mother was right--sometimes it's better--and safer--just to stay home on the weekend.

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