Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thursday in Chiraq: Tourists robbed at knifepoint of wedding ring downtown, burning body found in North Side donation box--UPDATED

Homeless person on Lower Wacker
Early Thursday was a rough one in Chicago.

From ABC Chicago:
A man and a woman from out of town, both 27, were using a GPS device that took them to Lower Wacker Drive near North Columbus Drive around 1:50 a.m. Police said that's when they were approached by three people - one of whom had a knife.

The suspects stole their belongings, which included a $12,000 wedding ring, a $3,000 suitcase purse, a $2,000 MacBook Air, a $300 suitcase and a $150 iPad mini, and took off running. Neither victim was hurt during the robbery.
Often I've spoke of the need of the League of Shadows--from Batman Begins--to put Chicago right. Coincidentally, Lower Wacker Drive figures prominently in two memorable scenes from the first two Christian Bale Batman films--'Nice coat' and the Joker's bazooka attack on Harvey Dent.

Something far worse occurred six miles to the north.

From CBS Chicago:
A body was found in a clothing donation box that had caught fire Thursday morning in the Uptown neighborhood on the North Side.

Firefighters were called to the 1500 block of West Wilson Avenue around 7:15 a.m., to respond to a clothing donation box on fire. After the fire was out, firefighters found a body inside the box, police said.
Chicago's downtown is generally safe. As for Uptown. Yes, it's worse, particularly along Wilson, but it's no Englewood.

Decline and fall.

UPDATE December 8:

NBC 5 is reporting that the tourists made the whole thing up. They may be facing charges for filing a false police report.


Bucky said...

What are tourists doing out at 1:50 am and what were they searching for with the help of their GPS device?

Marathon Pundit said...

Perhaps they were at home! I am updating this post now, the tourists made it all up, it seams.