Thursday, August 31, 2017

(Video) 2012 "Fuck the Police" march in Chicago

Before there was antifa there was the anarchist black bloc. Just as gonorrhea is the same as "the drip" and "the clap," antifa and the black bloc is the same plague upon civilized society.

Five years ago I covered a black bloc "Fuck the Police" march that was held on Chicago's South Side. Of course the leftists didn't bother to apply for a permit.

Here's today's #ThrowbackThursday special. And watch as your beloved Blogger Laureate of Illinois is threatened by a member of the chlamydia cluster.

"No justice, no peace, fuck the police" and "Cops, pigs, murderers," were among their repugnant chants.

Show me someone who hates cops and you've also shown me a criminal.

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