Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video: Chicago 'F' the Police march--working class gives anarchists hostile reception

West 50th Street
Professional protesters, occupiers, and anarchists are coming to Chicago to protest next week's NATO Summit.

Last night anarchists held a "F*ck the Police" march on the South Side. Of course they didn't have a permit. Ostensibly this was not an Occupy Chicago march, but I recognized people who participated in the FTP march from earlier Occupy events.

The Occupy movement is a far-left shell game. When FTP rallies occur in other cities the occupiers reflexively claim, "They're not part of group." But they don't disown them. So I am calling on Occupy Chicago to denounce last night's march, as well as the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda and gadfly protester Andy Thayer.

Former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge tortured suspects years ago near where the march occurred. He's in prison now and the city of Chicago has paid victims nearly $20 million in compensation. But apparently that's not enough for the anarchists--so they continue to protest

As for police officers everywhere: They put their lives on the line every day they show up for work. This weekend Chicago cops will be working 12 hour shifts.

Remember: This was not an Occupy event.

A man wearing an Occupy Chicago shirt walks past a police bicycle gauntlet.

As you will see in my NOT SAFE FOR WORK video, the marchers, many of whom were masked, were a bunch of foul-mouthed brats. "No justice no peace, f*ck the police" was one of their chants, as was "From Chicago to Greece, f*ck the police." Another chant was, "Cops, pigs, murderers." The march began in an African American neighborhood and continued into the Asian, Hispanic, and white Canaryville and Bridgeport neighborhoods. These are working class areas--where the so-called 99 percent live.

And the marchers received a hostile reception from these South Siders.

Eventually some of the protesters learned that I was not part of their movement. A woman screeched at me, "They know where you live anyway, bitch."

I'm sure her parents are proud of her.

The cops showed incredible restraint and had to cope with similar taunts all evening. Amazingly, there were no arrests, I didn't witness any crimes, although Chicagoist reported a scuffle. The police were everywhere the anarchists were.

Last week an Occupy Chicago spokeswoman, who identified herself as an anarchist, said that the police were "excited by the fact that they are going to get to hurt people." As evidence she referenced a poorly recorded cell phone video.

Finally, it's time for the establishment media to blow the whistle on the Occupy movement's shell game.

Media: Are you going to do it?

UPDATE May 18: More video from that includes turnstile jumping. And here is the Breitbart article about that "F*ck the Police" march.

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