Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Deep Corruption: Suburban Chicago municipal mechanic allegedly performed off-the-books repairs

Corruption is so pervasive in Illinois that it's deep.

From ABC Chicago:
A taxpayer-funded suburban village's Public Works garage is at the center of an investigation into off-the-books car repairs.

The I-Team uncovered videos of this apparently private works department that have officials saying public works is being used for private business.

An early morning off-the-books-auto repair, the mechanic claiming he's in for the long haul hauling in some cash.

"Two thousand dollars-worth of work is the only thing keeping me up right now. Dealer wanted to quote this guy $10,000," he says in the video, then laughs.
The alleged improprieties took place in Broadview, a western suburb of Chicago. ABC Chicago says the mechanic has been "suspected." Do they mean suspended?

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Holding My Nose said...

This story reads like something from the old Soviet Union.