Monday, May 01, 2017

Chiraq: 4 dead and at least 17 others wounded over weekend

Abandoned factory in Austin
Shootings were dramatically down in Chicago over the past weekend. compared to one week before. But before you kick back and exclaim, "Hey, things are getting better in Chiraq now," you need to know that it rained--very hard at times--during most of the last three days. And it was chilly outside too.

Drug dealers and gangbangers are like us--they don't like shivering and getting rained on.

Over the damp weekend four people were shot fatally in Chicago, one each in Longwood Manor, Hermosa, Gage Park, and not surprisingly, Austin, which so far in 2017 is Chiraq's most violent neighborhood. Yes, it's worse than Englewood.

Seventeen other people were wounded city-wide.

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