Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alleged Chicago Trump Tower dine-and-dasher: "I don't need to steal, I just don't like Donald Trump"

Chicago's Trump Tower
A Georgia man came to Chicago and he "went native." Like an Illinois politician he spent money that he doesn't have.

From the Chicago Tribune:
A self-styled playboy who Chicago police say refused to pay an $1,800 bar tab at Trump Tower and also ran up large unpaid tabs at two other downtown bars says he is now partying in San Diego and has challenged the cops to "Catch me if you can."

Robert A. Heath Jr., 30, was arrested at Trump Tower on March 10 after refusing to pay his $1,838 tab, according to a police report. In a phone conversation with Chicago Inc. this week, he claimed he is a wealthy executive for an electric car manufacturer adding, "I don't need to steal — I just don't like Donald Trump."
Perhaps he hates Trump, but Heath apparently dislikes paying bar bills.

More from the Trib:
Arrested and released on his own recognizance, Heath Jr., of Canton, Ga., had allegedly pulled the same stunt just three days earlier at Coco Pazzo Cafe in Streeterville, running up a $229 tab for booze and a chicken dinner that he refused to pay.

Court records allege he did it a third time at Mothers Too in the Gold Coast on March 14, when he was charged with trying to skip on a $106 tab.

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