Monday, February 27, 2017

(Video) Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Watch as Tucker Carlson wipes the floor with that clown wearing a bow-tie, Bill Nye the so-called Science Guy in a debate about human-caused global warming.


Unknown said...


If our kid's future means so much, how do they justify robbing future generations by spending us into $20T in debt? In Reagan's day our debt was 30% of our GDP. Today, our debt is at 104% GDP.
This proves it's not about our kids' future, it's a scam to redistribute wealth!

The Manchurian Candidate nearly doubled US debt during his term & what do we have to show for it?
Every one of these catagories has worsened:
1. Poverty
2. Education
3. Health Care
4. Cybersecurity
5. Race Relations
6. Foreign Relations
7. Global Terrorist Threat
8. U.S. Workforce Participation
9. Trust in Government and Media

At least Bill Nye is honest enough to admit he doesn't give a damn about the children when he says, "this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting MY quality of life."

Remember the 4 tenets of Climate Religion: 1) Global Warming 2) It's going to be catastrophic 3) It's due to man, and 4) The US can do something about it.

Unknown said...

Thousands of Climate Scientists around the globe disagree with the "official" conlusions. Many in the US dare not speak for fear their funding be withdrawn. Cover-ups and corruption abounds, from 'Climategate' at East Anglia to the current refusal by NOAA, under subpoena, to provide docs concerning GW studies! Perhaps it's National Security Secrets they're guarding!

Leftists are craftsmen with the English language. They know how to communicate. They understand how words impact the mind. Eg. once, Liberals were known briefly as "pro-abortion." They decided that sounded too harsh, and for PR purposes, they changed their advocacy name to "pro-choice." Their position on abortion didn't change, just the name.

This has been their MO for decades. They use words to manipulate the public into forming the desired opinions. They're not illegal immigrants, they're Dreamers.

Obamacare won't cause medical bills to skyrocket, it's called the 'Affordable Care Act.'

What do you think of when you here the word "carbon?' I think of that dirty, black underside to carbon paper. That's why they dropped the "Dioxide" from the "Carbon Dioxide," so that it would sound more hideous. we're talking about a gas that makes up approx .04% (or 400 parts per million) of our atmosphere.

The very same substance that all the flowers in the world need in order to live. And all the trees in the world, all the crops, grasses, and every other type of vegetation. We exhale it, they inhale it, then exhale oxygen that we inhale.