Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oscars' "Gary from Chicago" is a registered sex offender

Abandoned home in
South Shore
"Gary from Chicago," the affable man who was among group of tourist good-naturedly hijacked by host Jimmy Kimmel into the Dolby Theater during the Academy Awards broadcast, is Chicago's latest embarrassment and another blemish for the Oscars.

From the Daily Mail:
Gary Alan Coe and his fiancee Vickie Vines were part of the group of tourists Jimmy Kimmel invited inside the Dolby Theater during the ceremony Sunday night, gaining instant celebrity.

The pair made an impression as they calmly snapped photos of the celebrities sitting just inches from them, revealed they were engaged and even got fake-married by Denzel Washington.

Gary, a native of the South Shore of Chicago, was only able to attend the ceremony because he had been released three days beforehand, he told ABC7.

DailyMail.com can disclose that one of those felonies is attempted rape, for which Coe, 59, is a registered sex offender. He was jailed in October 1994, public records show.

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