Monday, February 13, 2017

Chiraq: 5 dead and at least 22 wounded over weekend

Austin, at the Oak Park border
While the numbers aren't as high as many other Chicago weekends, this past one was particularly tragic in Chiraq. Five people were shot to death and at least 22 other were wounded. Of the latter, two of the gunshot victims were South Side girls, one 11, the other 12, who were shot in the head in separate incidents. Both are in critical condition.

Three of the five fatalities, the occurred in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side. According to HeyJackass, Austin, which borders fashionable and smug Oak Park, leads Chicago in both fatal and non-fatal shootings. We here about Englewood but not so-much Austin.That will change soon, I assume.

The other two deadly shootings happened on the South Side, one in Auburn Gresham, the other in South Shore.

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Holding My Nose said...

Five more blacks are history during Black History Month. BLM not available for comment.