Sunday, February 12, 2017

(Photos) Buttheads against Trump mooning protest

Chicago, which is of course ex-president Barack Obama's hometown, is a hotspot of Trump Derangement Syndrome. This afternoon the latest display of insanity from the left--Chicago Moons the Trump Tower--occurred at the Riverwalk, which is across the Chicago River from Trump International Hotel & Tower. Yep, that's its proper name.The silly stunt was organized by S#!TSHOW.


The point, such as it was, of the protest was to convince President Donald J. Trump to release his tax returns. Yep. It was held on Abraham Lincoln's birthday, which is a big deal in the Land of Lincoln. But what the leftists should have done is stage the rally on April 15, as many Tea Party groups do.

What did I say about derangement? Oh, do you think Trump, now that this rally is over, will decide that now is the time to make his tax returns public?

There it is, Chicago's Trump Tower--a beacon of hope for all patriots in America's Heartland. Notice the halo above the Trump name.

I estimate there were about 100 cops keeping an eye on the crowd and protecting Trump Tower from the revolting peasants. To be fair the protesters were for the most part--when they kept their pants up--well behaved. I'm almost certain there were no arrests. But those 100 police officers watching over these mooners means 100 fewer cops patrolling the violent streets of Chicago's south and west sides.

The swarm begins.

There were many uses of the words "ass" and "butt" at the rally. It got tiresome very quickly. Oh, do you have time for a grammar question? In regards to the possessive case of "ass," should it be "ass'" or "ass's?" My stylebook offers conflicting answers. Speaking of asses, isn't the donkey, also known as the ass, the symbol of the Democratic Party?

This butthead admits that Trump pays taxes. Good to know...good to know.

Yes, that sign boasts, "My 62-year-old ass is in better shape than tRump's administration."

Yes, a police boat was patrolling the river during the mooning protest. Let's say a riot broke out--this boat would do what? Fire its cannons? Mount an amphibious assault? Chicago's bonds are rated as junk--you can't blame that solely on the city's public pension funding shortfalls. Chicago, which hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1931, simply can't manage money.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is portrayed here in my least favorite style of art, socialist realism. Which is ironic because despite the claim made by the woman in the pink pussy hat, Clinton is not "the people's president." That is fake news, not real news. Not even realism news.

Hillary Clinton is nobody's president.

"Honey, I think that man taking my photograph is going to insult me on his blog because I am wearing a pink pussy hat."

"Pajama Boy," the man-child who hawked ObamaCare a few years ago has a brother. Or is this his sister?

Butts! Butts! We must have butts!

After a half-hour of pointless speeches and some of the tiresome chants I recall from the Occupy protests--such as "This is what democracy looks like," the mooning commenced. It lasted about thirty seconds. They were, ahem, aiming at Trump Tower. This is not what democracy looks like.

Imagine a planet millions of light-years away. And someone on it has a telescope so powerful that it can see these mooners. That extraterrestrial will say to himself, "Next planet, there is no sign of intelligent life here."

Are you disappointed that you didn't see more skin? Hold on...

Here is a self-proclaimed "nasty woman," dressed as Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians with strategerically placed red-tape on her nipples.

I'm sure her parents are proud.

Liberal actress Ashley Judd read a poem written by a 19-year-old, called I guess, "Nasty Woman," at last month's Women's March in Washington. "I am a nasty woman," it begins. "I am nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets,” is a line from later in that epic piece.

Of course I had to get one more pink pussy hat picture in.

My guess is that there were 150 protesters at the rally. Over one-thousand people, including myself, RSVPed on Facebook. While there was a strong and chilly rectum-piercing wind this afternoon, it was a pretty warm day for February in Chicago, the temperatures were in the mid-40s this afternoon. Yes, there were more than 150 people who attended the protest--I figure that there were 100 gawkers and maybe 50 media representatives and bloggers. Oh, and those 100-or-so cops. But the organizers can't blame the weather for the crappy turnout.

Yet there were others were in attendance.

What did I say earlier about Trump Tower being a beacon of hope for patriots? A happy few answered the call. Yes, there were counter-protesters participating in the frivolities.

There is your beloved Blogger Laureate of Illinois with President Donald J. Trump, or rather, "Jason," a patriot with a bullhorn who was teasing the leftists with good-natured jabs, many of them playing on their mutual dislike of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Most of the protesters accepted the taunts in stride, but shortly before this photograph was taken a woman yelled "suck my dick" at Jason. Hers, not mine.

Did someone say "dicks?" This man is holding a sign that declares, "D*cks out for Harambe," in honor of the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo last year.

We started with buttheads and we conclude with a dickhead.


Holding My Nose said...

Imagine this scenario:

Grandchild: "Grand Ma what did you do to oppose Trump?"

Granda Ma: "I mooned Trump tower in Chicago on Lincoln's birthday".

Marathon Pundit said...

And what did the Blogger Laureate of Illinois do to support Trump? I exposed these protesters as lunatics.

TriggerHappy said...

Tell the dumbass Lefty's to tell Obama to release his transcripts.