Saturday, January 07, 2017

Roy Wood and Jools Holland: Blackberry Way

If you live in Great Britain and you are, let's say, of the autumnal age, then you know the Move, which was led by Roy Wood, as one of the great British bands of the 1960s. But they never caught on in the United States, they only had one short American tour and back then if you didn't tour here it was a challenge to get radio airplay. And if you didn't get airplay no one knew about your music.

But late in 1970 Jeff Lynne joined the Move, the band morphed into Electric Light Orchestra, which became an international phenomenon. Wood left ELO in 1972, which left Lynne as the creative force.

I thought Wood was dead, but he appeared last week on Jools' Holland's annual BBC New Year's Eve show, Hootenanny.

Watch as Wood and Holland's orchestra knock out a killer version of the Move's only number one British single, "Blackberry Way."

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