Saturday, January 07, 2017

Chicago Facebook video thugs denied bail

Neighborhood where the attacks
took place
The four Chiraq thugs charged with hate crimes and other illegal cruel acts that were shown live on Facebook were denied bail by a Cook County Circuit Court judge Friday afternoon.

The victim, a young white man with special needs, was allegedly attacked by four young blacks.

From ABC Chicago:
Prosecutors said the alleged actions began under the guise of a sleepover with one of the suspects, Jordan Hill, on New Year's Eve. His family became concerned when they lost contact two days later. According to prosecutors, Hill beat the victim in a van and brought him to an apartment on Chicago's West Side when the torment continued.

"A male shoves the victim's face into a toilet bowl and the victim is told to drink toilet water. The victim is punched in the head. The victim is screaming 'no' in fear when the male walks over to him with a knife and states, 'Should I shank his a**?' Also heard on the video multiple times is a male voice threatening to kill the victim," said Asst. State's Attorney Erin Antonietti.

Police said his beating and torture went on for hours. The disturbing video, which was viewed by people across the country, has been removed from Facebook.

"A male is seen cutting the victim's hair with a knife, and the victim's head is cut with blood coming from the wound. A female punches the victim and is laughing. A male's foot is on the victim's head. A male pulls the cord around the victim's neck, and holds him up while the victim is groaning in pain," Antonietti said.
As I reported earlier this week, the victim was forced to say "Fuck white people" and "Fuck Donald Trump."

Likely three of the alleged attackers are products of Chicago's failed public school system. On Thursday, the day before Trump is inaugurated president, the Chicago Teachers Union will take part in a National Day of Resistance. Teachers should teach--not indoctrinate.

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