Monday, January 23, 2017

Chiraq: 6 dead and at least 47 wounded over weekend

Abandoned West Side home
In most places an unseasonably warm winter weekend is a welcome event. But not in Chicago, where familiarity means contempt--two people who don't like each other who otherwise might not be in each other's view on a typical January day find themselves face to face. And then someone pulls a gun.

Over this weekend six people were shot to death in Chiraq and another 47 were wounded. Three of the murders happened on the West Side--that part of the city is off to a really bad start for the New Year. The Southwest Side, the Northwest Side, and the South Side each had one murder.

But it was not quiet on the South Side--in Englewood, which is Chicago is synonymous with violence although parts of the West Side are even worse, four people were wounded yesterday afternoon outside of a convenience store.

Just before the weekend started Donald Trump was inaugurated. Somehow I expect he'll be blamed for these shootings.

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