Sunday, January 22, 2017

Discarded signs from the Chicago Women's March

I walked around the most patriotic place in downtown Chicago this afternoon--and of course that's the Trump International Hotel and Tower, where many participants from yesterday's anti-Donald Trump Women's March protested.

I found several protest signs--near trash cans--but all of them on the pavement. Leftists are such pigs--after Tea Party events you can never tell anyone was there.

Okay, in the pic here--taken an hour after a 2010 Tea Party Express rally--is not Chicago. That's downtown Rockford, Illinois.

Beautiful, isn't it?

This sign reads "My body, my choice." Included is a pair of ovaries that are giving the finger.


That's a vagina--and the artist even made the effort to include the clitoris.

This pussy grabs back. Exit polls indicate that Donald Trump collected about 42 percent of the women's vote--with 54 going to Hillary Clinton. The rest went to other candidates. While Trump didn't win a majority of the female vote--Hillary Clinton didn't get all of it either. My point? These protesters don't speak for all women.

Holy crap, one of the leftists actually took the effort to place their no-longer-needed protest sign in a trash can. No, just kidding. I put that sign there--because I'm a good citizen.

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