Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Tucker Carlson attacks media elitist

The New York Times famed columnist Nicholas Kristof was a guest on Tucker Carlson's new Fox News show and he was compelled to defend one of his columns.

From Business Insider:
"I guess what I'm here for is empathy," host Tucker Carlson told Kristof, noting the Times journalist had an extensive background traveling to some of the most troubled places on the globe.

"I've never read a column by you that suggests the people in those places — who support dictators oftentimes — are racists or bad people," Carlson said, as he placed a printed copy of the column on the studio's glass desk. "You would never write that about a poor person in the third world. But you’re implying that about your fellow Americans."

Kristof rejected Carlson’s characterization of his work, but the newly minted Fox News primetime host, who previously hosted shows on CNN and MSNBC, calmly pressed forward.

"You've thought a lot about the suffering of people in other countries. You've thought a lot about it," Carlson said. "It doesn't seem you've thought that deeply about the suffering of your fellow Americans."

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