Thursday, December 29, 2016

Krauthammer: "Semi-delusional' Obama inflicted "incalculable' damage on Dem Party

Lame duck Barack Obama thinks he would have beaten Donald J. Trump if he was allowed the chance at running for a third term, which, by the way, is a backhanded insult towards Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, Charles Krauthammer says Obama is "delusional," and that he brought "incalculable" damage to the Democratic Party.

When you look how few state legislative seats, governorships, and seats in the US House and Senate it holds, the Dems are in their weakest position in nearly 90 years.

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Holding My Nose said...

When the House LibDem caucus had the chance to select some new, fresh bllod as its leader they instead chose to stay with gereatric Miss Nancy. In the words of retired Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré the LibDems are "stuck on stupid".