Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chicago legalizes plastic bags so they can be taxed

Abandoned store lot, Chicago's
South Side
Some stuff you can't make up.

Unable to control this year's dramatic increase in murders, Chicago's useless City Council--and why are their 50 members?--legalized plastic bags just so they can be taxed.

While of course no one is going to scream, "That's it, I'm outta here, no bag taxes for me," this latest poke in the eye against Chicagoans definitely adds to the misery in America's third largest--for now, that is--city. Residents have to cope with last year's record property tax increase, rampant crime, a high unemployment rate, corrupt and incompetent politicians, pervasive red light cameras, pot-holed pocked streets, and many more insults, outrages, and indignities.

Chicago's population is at its lowest level in nearly 100 years.

From ABC Chicago:
The 7-cent tax was approved last month as part of the city's budget. City officials also repealed a ban on plastic bags starting Jan. 1.

The so-called "check out bag tax" applies to all Chicago retailers, not just large grocery chains. Businesses received letters last week informing them of the changes.

The tax applies to both paper and plastic bags. All shoppers who don't have their own bag will be charged 7 cents for each paper or plastic bag at checkout. Five cents will go to the city, 2 cents will go to the retailer.
The tax is a reversal of a partial ban imposed 16 months ago, which forced large retailers to replace thin plastic bags with thicker bags that can be reused. Consumers were not reusing the new bags and they cost three times as much to make.
The first government solution didn't work--so let's try another failure.

The retailers, who collect two cents on each bag, should hold their heads in shame too.

Two cents here, seven cents there, a record property tax hike here, and it all adds up to one unhappy result.


Levois said...

There was a time Chicago had a least 1 alderman who just woudln't go along with the program. Why doesn't such a character step up to the plate?

TriggerHappy said...

ChitCongo is more becoming a shithole.