Saturday, December 17, 2016

4 dead and 1 critically wounded in Chiraq home shooting

Abandoned Fernwood home
Four people are dead and another person is critically wounded in a shooting spree that at this hour appears to be a domestic dispute gone terribly wrong. The bodies and the shooting survivor were discovered early this afternoon in the Fernwood section of violent Roseland neighborhood on Chicago's Far South Side. A toddler was found at the scene and was unharmed, at least physically.

Yes, this is old Marathon Pundit neighborhood from many years ago. It was much more peaceful back then.

Counts vary, but these killings put Chicago's murder total at 750 for the year according to the Chicago Tribune. Despite its irreverant name Hey Jackass, a quite credible chronicler of Chiraq mayhem, puts the 2016 total at 769. There were only 468 killings in Chicago last year and just 412 the year prior.

Life gets much worse each year under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Even though New York and Los Angeles have far more residents, Chicago this year has seen more murders than both of these cities--combined.

UPDATE 11:40pm: There are now five fatalities, the wounded victim died.

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