Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nasty Sun-Times columnist Steinberg pens another Nazi-themed Trump column

Chicago Sun-Times offices
If you want to see evidence of a mind that may be disintegrating then I recommend that you take a look at some recent columns by Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times. He's angry that Donald Trump is president-elect. I was disappointed in 2012 when Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama, but I was not angry because we live in a democracy. The people--and the Electoral College--spoke. Romney's loss hurt--but I moved on.

As I remarked in my post earlier this month at Da Tech Guy, smartly titled "Media insanity over Trump win continues," Steinberg penned what I called "A Nazi-drenched column." Judge for yourself on it.

A few days later in a column about Muslims and Trump he wrote, "I won't bore you with the math, but the odds of a gun owner killing someone — typically himself — with one of his guns is far greater than the odds a Muslim will ever be involved with an act of terror." Up to a point Steinberg is correct. But on the other hand does anyone seriously believe that ISIS, if it acquired a nuclear weapon, wouldn't hesitate to detonate it over Tel Aviv? Or Chicago? Barack Obama's hometown is on pace to exceed 800 murders this year--a nuke exploded in Chicago would kills hundreds of thousands of people, maybe more.

Nearly 3,000 people were killed in just two hours on 9/11.

Yes, I know. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists.

In his Tuesday column Steinberg reapplies the Hitler mustache on Trump's visage.
For instance: eliminating the DREAM Act, which President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to do on his first day as president — Jan. 21, for those keeping track. That would keep up to 5 million young Americans off the path to success, in school and employment, for a very Third Reich reason: because their papers aren't in order. It will, of course, hurt them, making their lives harder, more complicated, more anxious. It would also hurt the country. A country which, contrary to the bigot's skewed perspective, is not burdened by foreigners but benefits from them. A country that needs every capable person it can get its hands on. Otherwise we end up like Japan, in a demographic death spiral.
Hey Steinberg! America is a nation of laws. The DREAMers, although they were children when they came here, entered the United States illegally. Their parents committed crimes by either also entering our nation illegally or overstaying their visas.

I know some DREAMers--I sympathize with them. But life isn't always fair. And maybe yes, the immigration laws involving these DREAMers--many of whom, perhaps most of them, are decent people living productive lives--are bad laws. Steinberg's locker room pal Obama had eight years to come of up legislation to address their plight. But he didn't--even when he had a Democratic Congress. The cure for bad laws is better laws. But Obama chose the seemingly easy route, the coward's way, by using an executive order to seemingly protect those DREAMers. Lawmaking, as Otto von Bismarck famously quipped, may be akin to sausage-making, and not in a pleasant way, but at least it's a group effort.

Oh, the DREAM Act isn't really law of course, and yes, Trump can repeal it as soon he's president. Which he'll likely do. But if Dear Leader and his allies had fashioned a bill that Congress passed and he signed into law, Trump and the Republicans would have a much more difficult time repealing it. In fact, with the slim GOP majority in the new Senate, my guess is that an-anti-DREAM bill would have been dead-on-arrival there.

Back to Steinberg. Trump is not Hitler and America is not Nazi Germany. Stop it with the Third Reich references.

If you think I'm being overly harsh with this liberal, I'm not. He's a classic bully. For years at the Chicago Reader, under the pseudonym Ed Gold, he authored the Bob Watch column about Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene, whose newspaper career ended badly, and deservedly so. Greene was washed up by the time Steinberg/Gold began belittling him, and Greene should have thrown in the towel years earlier. Bob Watch ended up as a weekly exercise in cruelty. And Steinberg wouldn't even use his real name in these attacks.

Here's another bullying Steinberg episode: a domestic battery arrest.

You want to learn more about Steinberg? Then read what my good friend Warner Todd Huston said about him in 2010: Top Ten most Left-Biased American Journalists: #10 – Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times.

But Steinberg has moved on from being a biased and nasty liberal to become a nutty one as well.

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Holding My Nose said...

Wasn't the OSU jihadi a Dreamer? He entered the US as a child and got financial assistence to attend OSU.