Monday, October 17, 2016

Too many coincidences in left-wing media assault against Trump

The coordinated left-wing media assault on Donald Trump, the sudden appearance of sexual harassment victims, including one from over thirty years ago, and the release of his tax returns, which someone illegally obtained, is unprecedented.

Let's say, hypothetically, the harassment charges are true. All of them. When did the media possess information about these attacks? Last month? In July? Last year? If it's anything but very recently, then the media is not reporting the news, it's guilty of shaping it. Then the media rather wait to foist an October surprise against Trump and sway the presidential election.

Let's say, hypothetically again, all of these charges are false. Wouldn't it be fair to Trump and the American public to have the time to refute, in Trump's case, or digest and judge, in the case of the voters, these allegations?

Of course it would be. But the hyper-leftist media is not interested in fairness.

Andrew Malcom, a fine gentleman who I've met a couple times, has more:
A few things you’re unlikely to read elsewhere: Donald Trump's presidential candidacy – and Americans’ ability to choose their next leader – is being destroyed by a sequence of events way too well orchestrated to be coincidental.

This is not about the billionaire's qualifications or disqualifications to move into the Oval Office, his braggadocio, his awful manners, alleged sexual harassment, crass behavior, ostentatious wealth.

Americans have had unsavory political leaders before, most recently Hillary Clinton’s charming unfaithful hubby who, among other things, received oral sex from an intern in that same revered office. And then lied about it to authorities.

This is about Americans being politically manipulated quite cleverly, something people do not appreciate, if they're allowed to be aware of it. Recent events could be a movie called "Wag the Dog – Again."

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