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Liberals laud book by ex-con husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky

This delicious morsel came to me via e-mail from a great American who prefers to remain anonymous.

Robert Creamer, not to be confused with the famed baseball writer, is now also going by the name of Bob, which I'm sure greatly pleases the more famous Creamer.

About Creamer the Lesser: For many years, he was the executive director of the Illinois Public Action Council. His wife, Jan Schakowsky, now a Democratic Illinois congresswoman who nominally represents me in Washington, was on the board of directors of the self-appointed consumer advocacy group. Creamer got caught kiting checks while running the group--he had done it before and was warned by federal authorities not to do it again. He didn't listen, and got nabbed by the Feds again, which got him a trip to a Federal Prison Camp for five months last year.

Rep. Schakowsky has not been accused of any wrong doing.

Click here for a good explanation of how check-kiting works, and how it undermines the integrity of our financical system.

Creamer has written a book, Listen to Your Mother. Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win. Amazon lists it under "Robert Creamer," but the promotional hoopla mostly refers to him as "Bob."

Hey, I have no problem with an ex-con writing a book or trying to make a living. But I find it quite humorous that a whole bunch of big-time liberals, such as Sen. Dick Durbin, Jim Hightower, Rep. Jim McGovern, Rep. Lloyd Doggett, and a whole bunch of others fawn over Creamer in their endorsements of his book--and none of them mention his five months in prison last year, nor is that part of his life included in the summary of his public life below.

About those five months in the joint. Federal prosecutors had asked for a three year sentence, but US District Judge James B. Moran took mercy on Creamer. Coincidentally, Moran is the father-in-law of Peter Giangreco, a longtime Illinois Democratic insider who like Creamer, worked on Rod Blagojevich's successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign. Giangreco's endorsement is the first one I list.

To his credit, Creamer writes in his book, "I did much of the preliminary work on this book while spending five months on a forced sabbatical at the Federal Prison Camp at Terre Haute, Indiana."

Oh, Lynn Sweet, presumably the politically neutral Washington correspondent for the Chicago Sun-Times, gives an endorsement too.
Bob Creamer has been a consultant to Americans United since its inception in 2005 to successfully fend off the president's plan to privatize Social Security. Bob is one of the top political strategists in the country and he has spent four decades influencing the political and issues debates in America from Springfield, IL to Washington, DC. He has served as a consultant to some of the country's leading politicians and he has helped lead some of the most important issue fights in our nation's history.

Bob has taken all he has learned from his decades of public service and chronicled them in the definitive how-to-manual for how progressives can fight the right wing machine and win. Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win is the Bible for progressive activists and politicians who want to and are willing to go toe-to-toe with the right over the future of the country. Please join Bob, his wife Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and a host of Senators, Representatives and leading progressive figures for a reception on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 (see details below)

Celebrating the publication of Listen to Your Mother. Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win. Comments appearing in the book (can be found below). Credentialed media will receive one complementary copy of the book. (Note, if you want you are credentialed media, leave your e-mail in the comments section, and I'll give you the e-mail address where you can RSVP.)

You Are Invited
To a Reception Celebrating the Publication of Bob Creamer’s New Book
Listen to Your Mother. Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win

Tuesday November 13, 2007
The Mott House
122 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

New Book Says Progressives Must "Stand Up Straight" to Win

Washington, DC. A new book by veteran political organizer and strategist Robert Creamer says that progressives have an historic opportunity over the next two years to create long-term political realignment in the United States. But to be successful, he argues, progressives must forcefully reassert their commitment to fundamental progressive values and vision for the future.

"Some people think that in order to win, Democrats need to move to the political center by adopting conservative values and splitting the difference between progressive and conservatives positions," says Creamer. "History shows they are wrong. To win the next election and to win in the long term, we need to redefine the political center."

The book, titled Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight. How Progressive Can Win, lays out a broad strategy for progressive victory and describes the tactics needed to win real-world political battles one at a time. In the book’s foreword, "Progressive today need to take direct responsibility for winning." This book lays out a game plan for victory.
As an organizer and strategist, Bob Creamer has won all kinds of improbable victories for progressive causes. This book is must-reading for his fellow progressives who seek to do the same, and to build a more decent world. Pete Giangreco, Democratic Political Consultant, Partner, The Strategy Group
Even before the book’s publication it has received wide acclaim.
If Progressives are ready to move beyond the "Age of W" into a winning era, they can start with Stand Up Straight. This is more than a call to arms. This is a battle plan from one of the best campaign minds in America. Bob Creamer takes his readers from values to votes with practical tactics and insight gathered over decades of experience. This book is for player...spectators need not apply.
Senate Democratic Whip Richard Durbin (D-IL)
If every activist in America read Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight, we could change our country. This book will help bring on the New Progressive Era. It's that good." Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)
Creamer’s book is a one-stop shop for political junkies, from a novice to a know-it-all…While Creamer writes from the progressive Democratic perspective, his chapters on organizing, messaging, demographics and constituency groups comprise a how-to political manual.Chicago Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet
Stand Up Straight is nothing less than the bible for progressive political activists." Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United for Change
Stand up Straight is a one-stop, nuts-and-bolts manual on how to run a winning campaign – and, in the process, return America to its progressive roots. Filled with learned-in-the-trenches lessons, Creamer's book is a master's class in electoral politics. Ariana Huffington, The Huffington Post
Stand Up Straight is a straight up shot in the arm for progressives. Robert Creamer has successfully turned decades of campaign and organizing skills into an essential handbook for understanding political power, activism, and progressive values. Creamer rightly argues that progressives should embrace their core principles and fight for the real political center in American politics today -- issues like universal health care and pre-K, energy independence, redeployment from Iraq, and a return to sane and sensible national security policies. John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress and former Chief of Staff to President William J. Clinton
Progress takes more than passion, it requires planning. This book is a blueprint for victory." Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX)
Bob Creamer's welcome book rightly instructs progressives to say and fight for what they believe. To Hell with the politics of timidity - a long-term progressive majority is within our reach." Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA)
Creamer's classroom has been (on) the frontlines and trenches of progressive organizing, from the Civil Rights Movement to the battle for children's health care. Here, he shows us how to replace fear with hope, to renew the call to commitment, and to create our society's next historical movement. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA)
A stand-up book from a stand-up guy, showing us how to put progress back into "progressive." From broad vision to minute details, Creamer offers an invaluable manual for those who want to reassert our country's historic egalitarian values of fairness, justice, and opportunity for all. Jim Hightower, best selling author, radio commentator and editor of the Hightower Lowdown.
In Stand Up Straight, Bob Creamer gives citizens an owners manual for Democracy. With a practical eye from his decades of experience, Bob shows how to do the real work of political organizing and win, by promoting deep progressive values. With hundreds of real world examples and step-by-step advice, Stand Up Straight is both inspirational and a serious tool. Thanks, Bob. Wes Boyd, Founder of
This book is so important because it focuses like a laser on the one element that is essential to progressive victory: courage. With out exception, all of our historic victories have required that people had the courage to act -- and stand up straight. The lessons in Stand up Straight were learned the hard way by generations of Americans fighting for civil rights, women’s rights and important social change. It's a must read for anyone who is passionate about changing America – now. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
Jim Hightower's comment is my favorite. "A stand up book from a stand up guy..."

Try running that one past some bankers who had to deal with Creamers kited checks.

Also, considering the skeleton in her closet known as her husband, it's understandable why Schakowsky wants to bring back the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" to the public airwaves.

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