Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thugs who attacked IL state senator arrested, charged in Georgia murder case

Abandoned Havey gas station
Yes, Napoleaon Harris is a Democrat.

From CBS Chicago:
A south suburban state lawmaker appears to have played a role in the capture of three murder suspects from Georgia after being the victim of a mugging earlier this month.

State Sen. Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) owns two Beggars Pizza franchises in Oak Forest and Harvey; and decided to give his "overwhelmed" delivery crew a break late one night earlier this month, according to his spokesman Sean Howard.

Harris was trying to make a delivery at a house on 158th and Paulina in Harvey, but Howard said the whole order had been a ruse, and that four men attacked the senator when he arrived at the vacant house, which is up for sale.

Howard said the attackers didn't count on the victim getting the better of them.
Harris is a seven-year veteran linebacker from the NFL. The thugs tried to choke Harris, possibly fatally, but they gave up and ditched their Chevy Tahoe. Harris' description of the brutes led to their arrest. A blood sample found in the car led to tying them to the Georgia murder.

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