Friday, September 23, 2016

Hillary says she won't take brain test

A few days ago Hillary Clinton exhibited some crazy eye movement while speaking in Philadelphia--and then she cancelled her remaining appearances that day.

She was asked about that incident yesterday.

From the Sun:
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has ruled out taking a brain test during a TV interview about the elevated risk of dementia among older people.

The under-fire Democrat said "there’s no need for that" when she was being grilled about having a check by ABC anchor Sarina Fazan during an interview in Orlando.

The calls for a test came after a bizarre video was posted on the internet showing Clinton looking ‘cock-eyed’. Doctors say eye problems can be an early sign of a degenerative disease.

Clinton, 68, at first joked when asked if she would take "some neurocognitive test" given the elevated risks for degenerative disease because of her age.

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