Friday, September 02, 2016

(Photos) Concrete, Washington

During our Pacific Northwest trip we passed through the small town of Concrete, Washington. It's best known as the setting for the Tobias Wolff novel, This Boy's Life. In his first major big screen role, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Toby Wolff in the 1993 film, much of which was filmed in Concrete. Robert DeNiro portrays Wolff's cruel stepfather, whose favorite catch phrase is "Shut your pie hole!"

The old Portland Superior Cement silos were emblazoned with "Welcome to Concrete" for the movie.

In this distance, behind the low-head dam, is the Henry Thompson Bridge, which spans the Baker River. The concrete object on the left is an old bridge caisson.

State Route 20 is also known as the North Cascades Highway.

West of Concrete I discovered this herd of Rocky Mountain elk.

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