Monday, September 26, 2016

Chiraq: 8 dead and at least 43 wounded over weekend

Millennium Park
It was another bloody weekend in Chicago--but one of the murders is getting international attention because the victim was slain in Millennium Park in downtown, a popular location for tourists.

Peter Fabbri, 54. a father of two, had just attended a wine tasting Saturday night with his girlfriend and sister when he got into an argument with a 25-year-old. The disagreement became physical and the creep shot Fabbri three times. He was removed from life support Sunday evening.

The gunman fled the scene but was chased by Fabbri's sister. The creep stole a bicycle from a child but was caught by police.

The argument may have been about politics.

Including the Fabbri killing eight people were shot to death in Chiraq over the weekend and at least 43 others were wounded, mostly on the South and West Sides.

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