Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dishonest CNN edits out Milwaukee victim’s sister calling for violence in ‘the suburbs’

Milwaukee's City Hall
Donald Trump is right, The mainstream is dishonest and corrupt.

Detroit's toxic mayor for twenty years, race-baiter and ex-communist Coleman Young, used "suburbs" as a dog-whistle word for white people.

From the Washington Times:
Both online and on television, CNN edited out Sherelle Smith, the sister of a black man who was killed by police in Milwaukee on Saturday, calling for rioters to take their violence "to the suburbs."

Correspondent Ana Cabrera reported Ms. Smith was “calling for peace” in a televised segment Monday on CNN Newsroom, NewsBusters reported.

The network showed a brief clip of Ms. Smith telling protesters: "Don't bring the violence here and the ignorance here."

But CNN cut away before Ms. Smith called for rioters to "take that s– to the suburbs."

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commoncents said...

Donald Trump makes fools of governor AND media when he rolls into Louisiana with an 18-wheeler full of supplies

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