Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vacation--and my best post of 2016 (so far)

Roseland, Chicago's Far
South Side
It's vacation time for Marathon Pundit--and as with my last trip outside of Illinois, which was to Detroit, I am going to the liberal Valhalla of Portland, Oregon. Among other things I will seek to confirm rumors that Oregon's largest city has a very large homeless population. But most of our travels--yes, Mrs. Marathon Pundit and Little Marathon Pundit will be coming along--will be at the many national parks in the area, all undoubtedly much better than Chicago's, the Pullman National Monument.

West of Pullman is Roseland, which is the setting for my favorite and most-read post so far of 2016. This one took a lot out of me, as Requiem did for Mozart. Only I clearly didn't die while writing it.

This piece is especially timely as the dishonest media spins the Milwaukee riots story--just as whites are capable of evil, so are blacks. So is everyone.

Here is that entry: (Photos) Abandoned homes of Chicago's violent Roseland neighborhood and my look back.

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