Saturday, May 28, 2016

XTC: No Thugs in Our House

XTC moved into a new direction on its fifth album, 1982's English Settlement, exploring pastoral themes. Overall it's a more introspective work than with the British new wave band's previous albums.

"No Thugs in Our House" is a link to its raucous earlier days. In the song the band skewers naïve parents who refuse to believe their precious child is a brutal criminal.

It was during the aborted tour to support English Settlement that the band's leader, Andy Partridge, suffered a nervous breakdown on stage. XTC never toured again.

Of my favorite bands from this period XTC was the only one I never saw live.

Oh, for those of you who think I posted this video because "thug" has become a dog-whistle word for black, the thug in the song, Graham, is clearly a white Briton.

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