Monday, April 04, 2016

Jobless Detroit man with 7 kids and 4 "wives" charged with child porn, forcible prostitution

The suspect is Ryon Travis, who is a father of seven. Fortunately he has custody of none of them.

From the Detroit Free Press:
A woman chained to a stripper pole. A man with four wives. Child pornography photos.

This is what authorities stumbled upon during a raid in Detroit, where a house-of-horrors tale is unfolding in federal court, with prosecutors accusing one man of enslaving women, selling them for sex on the Internet and hurting children by taking sexually explicit photos of them and sharing them with others.

The case started with West Bloomfield police investigating identity-theft crimes but turned into something much bigger when officers from the suburban police department raided the home weeks ago and found a woman chained by the neck to a pole.

They would eventually uncover a sex trafficking operation that, according to federal court documents, worked like this: The man advertised women on the Internet, offering them for sex. Men would show up at his house and pick which one they liked. But they paid the homeowner first — in cash.
The woman chained--by her neck--to that stripper pole had tried to escape.

The Free Press adds that this scumbag has been "charged with sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion, and producing, possessing and transporting child pornography." He could end up serving a life sentence.

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